You and Web Design

The medical coding and billing online program page could improve it’s design by making a few changes. Initially I didn’t know what the website wanted me to do. I think with a better more striking opening page you will be able to draw a costumer in to exactly what you want them to do. In other words give the costumer a purpose on the front page. Whether it’s to click a button or to learn something specific. To me I don’t find much purpose on the front page which can be devastating to a website. And there is nothing wrong with starting simple even with a complex product. I also think it would be beneficial to change the color scheme. That isn’t a good looking green to go with the blue color. Another improvement that might be considered is to avoid using lots of different sizes and colors of text. Keep it simple use 1 to 2 colors and no a wide range of font sizes. I think this will clean up the look of the page and it will look more professional. There are also LOTS of words, which these days isn’t the best idea. Videos might do better. That was a lot of feedback but I hope one of two of the points I made will be of consideration and help.